Jamie Lobina in the News

If you are a retailer, you may be excused if you don't recognise the name SSF. That’s because the company is a service provider rather than a supplier. However, most certainly you have come into contact with their services over the past 15 years.

With 200+ representatives on the road, SSF regularly calls on around 12,000 retail outlets Australia‑wide with market-leading products and newly released products from as many as a dozen suppliers. Yet the company is mentioned more often than not when industry awards for customer service are handed out. In fact SSF is currently rated among the top three companies in the industry for quality of service to retailers in the Impulse Channel.

In a two hour chat with C&I, joint owner and Managing Director, Jamie Lobina explained why. “Our mindset around here is to roll up our sleeves and take on our clients’ challenges,” said Jamie.

“That’s ‘WHY’- we turn up in the morning and ‘WHY’ we are in business. This focus drives our company and our culture. We have spent a lot of time in recent years understanding our WHY. We fight for our clients' brands, and you will often hear in the hallways of our offices the words ‘just get it done’. We look for companies that share the same WHY.

“Phil Constable and I started the business 15 years ago this year. We’d both been working hard to set up a sales force in WA for Frito-Lay Snack Foods during the previous 6 months. Over a drink one day in early 1996 we asked each other: ‘Why can’t we do this for other companies?’ That’s how the concept of SSF came to be.

Colleagues say that Jamie Lobina often tends to attract pugnacious clients and steadfastly refuses to hand-pick the easy jobs. If Superior Sales Force is driven by a philosophy, it’s worth spending a moment to understand how that philosophy was created.

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